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About us:

"I like thinking big. If you going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big!" - Donald Trump

LPL Events, as expected of an Events company has a lot of personality. The owner, Zowrae Muller is full of vibrant charisma and this reflects in the imaginative work that LPL Events represents. There is no doubt that there is one hundred percent belief in both LPL Events and the product that we represent.

The key components when establishing an Event from listening to a brief to final conception, requires the desire and creativity to bring the vision to life. We pride ourselves in presenting unique and memorable events with extreme attention to detail which ensures that your Event has been tailored to your every need. The essence of the Event can be captured in both traditional and non traditional ways, while the theme will be applied into all aspects of the Event creating the WOW factor. The energetic and enthusiastic zest for the Event will be completed with flawless planning.

LPL Events offers diverse skills and experience in the Events and PR industry. Our commitment to constantly deliver great successful events is part of our service excellence. There is guaranteed exclusivity provided where requested, as we look to build and maintain our clients image. We understand the importance of protocol and business etiquette. Clients looking to optimize and maximize positive media coverage can be assured LPL Events will be practising professional and ethical media relations. 

LPL Events is a BEE Compliant company.


"The only limits are, as always, are those of vision" - James Broughton

About Us:

LPL Events was founded by the optimistic soul, Zowrae Muller who is inspired by life and has a passionate flair for both Events as well as Public Relations. The creative spark behind LPL Events has studied and has a background in Events Management; Conference, Exhibitions & Management, Public Relations as well as Project Management. 

Zowrae also spent three and a half years touring the globe and has been to every continent including Antarctica. This world experience, communication and exposure inspires her and the team to create themed events complete with the latest trends and style. Zowrae is so vivacious about her clients brands that she loves your company as much as you do!

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